When you first set up your business all the basics related to your core business objectives would’ve been put in place...

How about the basics related to your employees?

Human Resources Services
Our services are tailored specifically to you, because we know every business is different. We can be a partner to trust, who’ll understand the implications of decisions on your business or when you just need someone to talk through issues and get some logical advice.


Our assessment services come in the form of a Workplace Audit.  We will review the systems and procedures you have in place and assess them against legal frameworks and best practice.  How will you measure up?

HR Consulting

Are there things that worry you and you're not sure what to do or who to ask? Get in contact with The Outside Lane. We're here to help  and can meet with you in your office to discuss your concerns. We'll provide a plan on what action to take and, if required, implement the plan with you. Our areas of expertise are:

Our initial consultation will scope your requirements and comes at no charge to you. So all you need to do is contact us and invest the time to meet. From there, we will prepare a proposal for your consideration.