Outside Lane HR Services

The Outside Lane provides small business engineering as an affordable and outsourced solution

Running a small business is a challenge and we sometimes don’t have the in house expertise outside our core purpose. Why spend time and effort on areas within the business that you don’t know how to handle and frankly, you don’t want to? Why not concentrate on the reason you started your business in the first place.

How can we help you? We help you manage your human resources. We have all the essential services you need for your business to run smoothly without the headache or costs of managing these issues in house.

The Outside Lane and its associates are all small businesses like yours, so we understand the importance of cost effective solutions and measurable outcomes. We know every business is different and that is why all our services are tailored specifically for you.  We can make sure you are compliant through an assessment, identify new or improved systems relating to your employees and assist to address employee issues that you incur or you need to plan for.

We will work with you to support your business move into the outside lane and overtake your competitors. Which Lane are you in?


The Outside Lane is owned and operated by Jennine Lane. With over 25 years human resources, management and operational experience, Jennine is a seasoned professional who can quickly understand the needs of clients.  Jennine maintains a holistic view to ensure solutions not only fit your business but also complement and enhance it.

Jennine's experience is gained from a variety of service oriented and manufacturing businesses.  Some have been going through significant change and others getting the fundamentals in place.  This means she has the experience to adapt to the current and changing needs of your business and deliver solutions appropriate to your unique situation.

Whether you need an assessment to evaluate what you have in place, want to talk through your concerns, or put some structure and formality around employee systems, Jennine has the skills and versatility to create what you need for your business.

Being an experienced operations manager, Jennine looks at issues from the business’s view so you will get what you want when you want it with measured deliverables and consultation along the way.

So, what makes The Outside Lane different?  Jennine’s style  has always been to partner with leaders and business owners.  She has a consultative and creative style that enables her to clearly identify what is required, develop and action solutions, and leave you with an assurance that you have someone to rely on.


  • affordable
  • expertise
  • range of skills
  • timely response
  • tailored solutions
  • corporate and industrial
  • personalised service
  • legislative compliance and awareness